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· Candidate should be post graduate in surgery or medicine with two years working experience post qualification.

· Batches will be selected either through MCQ at pre decided date or based o credential of candidate. 

  • Not affiliated to MCI. Does not give extra privilege for extra procedur but aim to improve knowledge & skills while in practice. 
  • Soon will be affiliated to one of the international / national university and Association. 
  • It is standardized. 
  • Extensive curriculum. 
  • Online and contact assessment. 
  • Learn while you Earn 
  • Mainly practice oriented. 
  • It is based on the concept of  Flexible Learning While you Earn. 
  • It is modular / flexible 12/24 month course. 
  • Web based – not very didactic but key points. 
  • Practical oriented cases with and algorithmic approaches. 
  • Online assessment. 
  • Contact session for practical skills & tips. 
  • PG course for interaction and practical clinical case. 
  • International Certificate course in medical/Surgical Gastroenterology.