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Why IASGO Academy

In India after MS General Surgery and MD Medicine, if one wishes to pursue career in Surgical or Medical Gastroenterology, one has to undertake super specialty 3 years full time course MCh /DNB. Such courses have following characteristics:

  • They are full time and exhaustive.
  • Very few such training courses are available in India.
  • After this course one can generally only practice specialty Gastroenterology.
  • Generally one requires advanced G.I.facilities to practice, which are limited in India.

It is thought that there is probably a big group of general surgeons / physician who at some stage of their practice decide to have more interest in Surgical / Medical Gastroenterology, but for some reason cannot or does not wish to undertake MCh/ DNB (Surgical gastroenterology) or DM / DNB (Medical gastroenterology)

The course is of high standards with competitive entrance test, multiple assessment tests, three-semester tests and also assessment of practical skills.

The level of skill and care to be developed will be in between Post Graduate (MS /MD) and super specialty degree (MCh /DM) levels. This is to address and cater to group of surgeons / physicians, who for any reason, cannot undertake the MCh / DNB (Surgical Gastroenterology) /DM / DNB (Medical gastroenterology) but have major interest in Surgical / Medical gastroenterology.