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Objectives of IASGO Academy

Objectives of IASGO Academy are as follows:

  • To support high quality experimental and clinical research in the field digestive diseases with special emphasis on national and international networking.
  • To organize scientific meetings, seminars and study groups in the field of digestive diseases.
  • The establishment of a non-profit making foundation in order to bring into effect and promote the objects of the Association.
  • To provide information and guidance to the public on diseases related to the peptic system.
  • The publication and / or distribution of a scientific magazine whenever deemed feasible.
  • The cooperation, mutual assistance and exchange of information with other Associations or Academies with the same or related purposes incorporated in other countries.
  • To organize, run and award academic courses like fellowship, certificate and diploma in medical and surgical gastroenterology and surgical oncology either alone or in collaboration with other institutions, universities, deemed universities in India or abroad.